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Phillipponat Blanc de Noirs Millésime 2009
L’Escalet, 29 of july 2017

Blanc de Noirs is a style of champagne crafted from red grapes entirely, as the name suggests. It is a less common style but highly appreciated for its gastronomic abilities by those who prefer their champagne more consistent and powerful, with traces of red wine.


Millésime 2009 Blanc de Noirs Philipponnat is assembled exclusively from Pinot Noir grapes grown in Montagne de Reims and Mareuil sur Aÿ and it expresses the authenticity of this grape variety. It is created only in the best years following a very careful selection of the best grapes of the year. Half of the wine was matured in oak which added an additional layer of complexity while preserving the vital freshness. Malolactic fermentation was blocked to keep the malic acid as 2009 was a hot and sunny year with very riped crop.

It has flavors of caramel, orange peel and brioche, it is ample with full and creamy consistency and moderate effervescence. Acidity is in harmony with the low dosage of 4,5 gram/liter which preserves the pure character of the wine. It has an elaborated elegance and a precise freshness specific for the good wines of Champagne.

I can’t help admiring the architectural harmony between the aromatic complexity and freshness which was built during the long period of 7 years while the wine was resting  with its lees. As an analogy with the first 7 years we need to develop our personality as humans, this champagne was perfected slowly in the darkness of the cellars in Mareuil sur Aÿ .

What seduces me is the moderate effervescence, aromatic complexity and its creaminess. Served at 10 degrees C in a large wine glass it is a powerful wine. It is by definition a gastronomic champagne that would make a great pairing with local cheese as Langres or Chaource but I savored it confidently as aperitif while contemplating with my husband the boats anchored in the Bay of L’Escalet.


Refined and accessible, the house of Philipponnat creates a champagne full of savory and elegance, a style implemented by Charles Philipponnat, the president and manager of the house. A very amiable and intelligent figure, with its charming humor and hospitality, he inspires one to fall in admiration with his wines. A trip in Champagne cannot be complete without paying a visit to the house. Philipponnat owns the most beautiful vineyard in the whole region, Clos des Goisses, a plot of 5,5 hectare of a very steep vineyard, lined with roses and flooded by sun from the morning to the sunset. O very sunny terroir with southern exposure planted almost entirely with Pinot Noir, Clos des Goisses should not be missed.

I wish you a week with champagne and happiness
Olimpia Pleșa Brandhuber


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