One Champagne a week: Pierre Moncuit Delos Blanc de Blancs

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One Champagne a week: Pierre Moncuit Delos Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs

I prefer to taste the champagne in the morning, when my palate is clean and I am rested. Often I taste before the breakfast, sometimes after I eat something, but I can afford to do that on some Sundays only, on holidays or during the wine study trips.

I mention for those which may not bear in mind that, to produce sparkling wine in Champagne with the name Champagne only three varieties of grapes aree allowed: Two red grapes, Pinot Noir and Meunier and one white grape, Chardonnay. When one champagne is made from Chardonnay solely, the style is named Blanc de Blancs.

Pierre Moncuit Delos Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs is made exclusively from Chardonnay as Pierre Moncuit grows Chardonnay only. The effervescence is fine and creamy as I like it, without any hint of aggressiveness. The high acidity is well balanced by dosage, the texture is velvety while it has a medium consistency. The aromatic spectrum reflects the well ripe grape of Chardonnay coming from the southern part of Côte de Blancs, Le Mesnil sur Oger, with exotic fruits notes completed by a finesse of pastry and rounded by delicate notes of lemon. A very feminine Blanc de Blancs, friendly and seductive it is preferred by those in search of expressive, elegant and fresh style of champagne.

Situated in the heart of Côte des Blancs, Moncuit family owns 20 hectares of vineyards, 15 of them in Mesnil sur Oger, one of the finest Grand Cru village of Champagne. A small producer for Champagne, it belongs to the Grower Producers group. It farms its own vines and produces wine from its own harvest. Domaine Pierre Moncuit has been frequently awarded for the quality of their production.

In Champagne there is a special organization of the producers, different than any other region in France. The Champagne houses or the big brands, are buying in grapes and must from the growers, they ferment it in their own wineries and bottle the champagne under their name. The Growers, as Pierre Moncuit, make Champagne de Vigneron from their own harvest without buying additional grapes. These two categories of producers, the Champagne Houses and Champagne Growers have different winemaking philosophies and wines.

The big houses can afford the luxury of choosing their grapes from selected vineyards to craft consistent and often exceptional cuvees, while the small grower producers are counting exclusively on their own grapes. As a result their wines are individual, they represent the character of the creator and the terroir and very often are the expression of the vintage. Today they are more and more visible and give birth to some very unusual and less classic style of champagne which challenge the modern consumer in quest for new experiences.

In 1977 Nicole Moncuit took over the business initiated 100 years ago by her grandfather. She is one of the few women oenolog in Champagne. Searching for typicality of each year , she prefers to bottle each vintage separately, without blending reserve wines for NV style. She uses to say that in each bottle of Pierre Moncuit one can find the quest of perfection and passion, as a signature.

I prepare a champagne event Soirée de Champagne for October, in Bucharest, where you can taste this champagne. Till than you find Pierre Moncuit at Champagne Room.

Enjoy Pierre Moncuit Delos Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs in the morning or at any time of the day.

Olimpia Pleșa Brandhuber
26th of August 2017, Calvi

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