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Besserat de Bellefon
Cuvée des Moines -Blanc de Blancs- Grand Cru
9th of July 2017 Cluj Napoca


I had finished preparing the dinner and I sat down on the terrace for 15 minutes to savor in peace a glass of champagne while waiting for my guest to arrive. In the heat of a July late afternoon, with the sun prepared to set down behind the birches and feeling a bit tired , I went down in the cellar to the wine fridge and I let my instinct free to choose. A solar bottle, golden, with long and thin neck, Besserat de Bellefon Blanc de Blancs Cuvée des Moines. I was wishing for a fine and easy going champagne, well chilled and fresh to cool me down and help me settle.

Pure and elegant, Blanc de Blancs seduced me. Delicate, fine citrus and white flower flavors and toasty notes acidity and sugar in perfect balance, effervescence as fine as silk convinced me that my instinct in synergy with my expertise made the best choice. It was exactly what I needed to gratify my guest and relax myself.

Well structured and consistent, this champagne made exclusively from Chardonnay spent 4 years in the cellars on its lees. It has delicate and mature notes of honey, and it expresses perfectly the terroir of some of the most prestigious crus from Côte de Blancs : linear, mineral, elegant.

Cuvée des Moines Besserat de Bellefont has lower pressure than majority of champagnes. It has only 4,5 atm crafted by purpose by the cellar master Cédric Thiébault to be aperfect gastronomic wine. In 1930, the director of the restaurant La Samaritaine De Luxe requested to Victor Besserat to craft a delicate and sufficiently smooth champagne to perfectly accompany an entire meal. Since than this is the philosophy of the house who’s champagne is present today in more than 200 Michelin restaurants around the world.

This is by excellence a gastronomic champagne, elegant and harmonious which inspired me to welcome my friends happily and grateful.

I wish you to spend a smooth week with your darling friends

Olimpia Pleșa Brandhuber

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